Colin Farrell’s Fright Night remake gets a sequel


That trickling noise you hear? Just someone else taking a leak on originality.

Last year’s “Fright Night” remake wasn’t the intolerable Hurricane Sandy of shit-cinema most expected, sure, but do you care to see a cheapish direct-to-video sequel to it? No, me either. Not even if Kari Wuhrer’s in it. Undressed. With garlic cloves hanging just above her bust.

Shock Till You Drop reports that “Fright Night 2” will be directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, helmer of the Dolph Lundgren vehicle “Stash House”. It, like most cinematic sexts from Eastern Europe, will shoot in financially-friendly Romania.

It goes without saying that none of the cast from the last film, notably Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell or, er, Hot Girl, will be back. William Ragsdale, busy?