Bryan Singer directing X-Men : Days of Future Past!


Confirmed : Bryan Singer is coming home. Ma. The “Superman Returns” director has signed on to direct “X-Men : Days of Future Past”, his first “X-Men” movie – serving as director – since the excellentastic “X-Men 2”. Singer replaces “X-Men : First Class” helmer Matthew Vaughn, who has jumped ship.

Singer rounds up his mutants and starts taking visual piccies of them in London next Spring.


Either because Matthew Vaughn’s developed an irritation to magnetic surfaces or Jennifer Lawrence refuses to reveal more blue skin than he’d like, the filmmaker has apparently dropped out of the “X-Men” sequel.
And who might be now on it? (So to speak) Bryan Singer.

Deadline says the director of the first two “X-Men” films is possibly up for a directing reprise on the series he cut his comic book movie teeth on. No explanation is given for Vaughn’ possible departure, but it could have something to do with the release date (July 18, 2014) approaching too swiftly, and Vaughn needing more time to ready the film, or excessive, film-tainting studio involvement – not that Fox would do that, of course.

In the least, Singer would produce “X Men : Days of Future Past” – which involves time travel and, possibly, dog chains – but obviously he’d be the big man in charge if he ends up directing too.

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