10 Breaking Bits


1. ABC is developing “Coup” a thriller about a young man who joins a dodgy mercenary after his wife is taken hostage. The show is written by “Mad Men” co-executive prodder Chris Black with Martin Campbell set to direct.

2. After lengthy negotiations with showrunner, David Zuckerman, it looks like FX’s “Wilfred” will get its season three, with a 13-episode commitment. Zuckerman will stay on as an executive producer but relinquished his showrunner credits to producers Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne.

3. Fox snagged the action drama “Olympus,” created by Peter Berg and Taylor Sheridan, about a solider that finds out he’s descended from the gods and humanity’s last hope. Sheridan will pen the pilot.

4. ”Bubba Ho-Tep” fans can cheer with Don Coscarelli’s “John Dies at the End” Trailer # 2 debut.

5. “Butter” star Jennifer Garner may reunite with her “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” co-star Matthew McConaughey for “The Dallas Buyers Club”, the story of a man with AIDS who smuggled into the country his medication.

6. Karl Urban (“Dredd”) and Leehom Wang are joining “The Wonder 3D”, about three kids who find the end of the rainbow – with surprising consequences.

7. “Star Wars Episode 7” will not be based on any of the comics or novels out there, a new report says.

8. The series finale of “Gossip Girl” will air on Monday December 17.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker has joined the cast of “Mixtape”, a comedy about a young girl who accidentally destroys a mixtape that belonged to her late mother.

10. The cop drama “Common Law” has been cancelled at A&E after only one season.