Craig doesn’t sound optimisitc about Dragon Tattoo sequel


Considering the good reviews and decent box-office, one would’ve thought the second installment of the ‘Millennium’ trilogy, following “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, would’ve been with us by now. Daniel Craig, seemingly just as confused by the hold-up in getting the English-language version of “Girl Who Played with Fire” on screens, tells Collider that he’s just hanging about, waiting for the call. At this stage though, there’s no news on the second Lisbeth Salander movie.

“We’re waiting around, waiting for a script and all of those things”, Craig, who would reunite with Rooney Mara on the film, tells the website. “Talk to the Sony people, they’re in charge”

Craig’s comments suggest that a couple of hurdles have exposed themselves in relation to the film – likely David Fincher’s indecisiveness in relation to whether or not he’ll return to direct the sequel. Reports suggest that Fincher’s commitment may be a ‘must have’ for both Craig to commit and Sony to proceed, and with the filmmaker now circling Disney’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, that attachment would seem definitely in doubt. There’s also been suggestions that Sony isn’t pleased with Steve Zailian’s script for the film – and maybe Fincher isn’t happy with it either, which is why he would seem to have given up on the film for the time being?

At any rate, “Girl Who Played with Fire” won’t be in cinemas until 2014 at the earliest. If at all. There’s always the Swedish originals.