Don Mancini talks Curse of Chucky, reveals teaser poster


The Yo! Show (a popular online show that airs on Yahoo!) caught up with “Child’s Play” creator Don Mancini, who in addition to spilling the gizzards on what inspired the idea (yup, Chucky inspired by the Cabbage Patch Dolls!) behind the title character, talked a little about the latest film in the franchise, “Curse of Chucky”.

“Yeah, just finished shooting it the other day. Just got back from Winnipeg, Canada. Curse of Chucky. It’s the sixth installment. We’ve gone back to our [horror] roots; it’s now Chucky going solo. I think fans are really going to like it.”

As for a release date?

“A year from now. Halloween 2013.”

In addition the video includes a quick shot of some sales art for “Curse of Chucky” – featuring the tagline ‘be afraid. be effing afraid’. Here’s a quick glimpse of that sales art :

“Curse of Chucky”, is, as Clint described in a script review not too long ago, quite a freaky little horror movie. It isn’t at all like the most recent installments in the series.