Bourbon Room singer, Twilight vamp In the Blood


John Stockwell’s “In the Blood”, the Gina Carano vehicle that pits the MMA fighter cum actress against scumbags who have kidnapped her husband while on vacation, looks to add Diego Boneta (“Rock of Ages”) and Cam Gigandet (“Twilight”) to it’s mostly male cast.

Deadline reports :

Haywire star and former American Gladiators Gina Carano plays Ava the wife. Gigandet, who appeared in the first Twilight, would portray the husband. Rock Of Ages star Boneta will play Manny, a local who ends up joining Ava on her search.

I’d actually like to see director Stockwell, having started out as an actor – in films like “My Science Project” and “Christine”, actually take an on-camera role in one of his own movies. Maybe this is the one?