Redd Inc


Nicholas Hope (“Bad Boy Bubby”) is back wearing the sadistic skivvy in the unnerving “Redd Inc”, a crafty new thriller that – and it’s a rarity these days – spends as much time on character as it does concept.

Hope’s Thomas ‘Redd’ Reddman , a businessman cum serial-killer, has escaped from a mental institution, where he played guinea pig to some cruel, nightmare-evoking experiments. He’s now nabbed himself six people, all whom played a part in his conviction and incarceration, who he’s trapped in a makeshift office where their main duty is to find the real culprit behind the killings he swears he’s innocent of.

Bloody, darkly humorous, thrilling but mostly just welcomingly original – sure, there’s a few pick-off’s from horror classics of years gone by, but by-and-large, the libretto plays fresh – and complete with Hope’s finely-chilled performance, “Red Incc” is worth a witness.

Extras : Extras on the disc include a couple of intriguing featurettes, a making-of, some deleted scenes (still not a fan of these; in my opinion, what’s not fit for the film, isn’t fit for eye consumption), and a teaser. Good package of extra helpings.