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Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt added to Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom

I, like many journalists, am quite fond of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show “The Newsroom”. And almost anything else that Aaron Sorkin has been involved in – anyone else tempted to watch a marathon of “The West Wing” during the election this week?

But anyway – I’m getting sidetracked.

The real news – Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt are both joining the cast at Atlantis Cable News for its second season.

THR says Oswalt will play Jonas Pfeiffer, the VP of the HR department; while DeWitt’s character, Rebecca Halliday, is a legal genius hired to defend a wrongful termination lawsuit.

I’m very excited because I love both of these actors, individually and when they played a couple on “United States of Tara”, another excellent show.

Who else is with me?

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