Greengrass’s Martin Luther King biopic Memphis back on?


After putting the film on indefinite hold, due to financial issues, Paul Greengrass’s Martin Luther King biopic looks to have had the powered-up paddles slapped on it’s cold chest.

Deadline reports that “Memphis”, produced by Scott Rudin and set up with Universal (with whom Greengrass made two “Bourne” films with, as well as fellow Matt Damon headline vehicle “The Green Zone”), is “coming back around”, with word that it may be Greengrass’s next project. Resuscitation services seem to have been offered by financing crowd The Wild Bunch, but no confirmation on that.
“The script depicts Dr. King’s final days as he struggled to organize a protest march on behalf of striking black municipal sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was slain”, says Deadline. “That storyline is juxtaposed with an intense manhunt for King’s assassin James Earl Ray, involving some of the federal authorities who, at Hoover’s direction, had dogged King’s every step with wiretaps and whispering campaigns before the civil rights leader’s death.”

One thing’s for sure, Matt Damon won’t be playing Dr King.