Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue & Partners Axed


The axe has swung on a couple of freshman series, the CBS comedy “Partners”, as well as ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” and “Last Resort”.

“Partners”, featuring David Krumholtz and Brandon Routh, was a fairly dreadful affair – the kind of unfunny sitcom the net’s used to flip out in their dozens, like a cafe does toasted sandwiches on a grill, in the late ’80s. So no surprise it’s gone.

The other two, “666 Park Avenue” and “Last Resort”, the latter in particular, are bigger losses. “666” wasn’t a great series by any account, but it did feature a terrific Terry O’Quinn in the lead role of a devilish building owner. Pity the writing didn’t match O’Quinn’s turn in the thing. “Last Resort” had real potential – a great plot, with a terrific ensemble cast, and a complex, well-written scenario that saw it garner “Lost” comparisons. Sadly, it was too high-brow for a commercial net.