Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars Episode 7!? So says Jason Flemying!


That may have been a smile dry humping the lower-half of my phizog. I think. Wait, it’ll come around again.

Shazbot! There it is again!

How’s this for an early Christmas gift, kids!? Matthew Vaughn, he of “Kick-Ass”, “Layer Cake” and “X-Men : First Class” fame, may have indeed locked-up the director’s job on “Star Wars Episode VII”.

Hell. Yeah. Baby. Yes, you… I’m calling you Baby. .

Actor Jason Flemyng, a good mate of Vaughn’s, was out stumping his latest flick in the UK this week and accidentally let slip that the filmmaker friend is indeed headed to space for ‘Star Wars’.

Check out the interview below, via Hey U Guys, in which Flemyng (“X-Men : First Class”, “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”) gives a journo the scoop of the year.

So there you have it, sounds like it’s as good as a done deal – Vaughn has “Star Wars Episode 7”. Michael Arndt is writing the screenplay for the blockbuster, due 2015.

Excuse me while I do an Alicia Malone-style Toyota Jump!