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10 Recently Cancelled Sequels : Not Coming Soon!

Lost Boys 4

Once Warner Bros’ direct-to-video department Warner Premiere went out of business, so did the vampire-hunting Frog Brothers. Corey Feldman, who was expected to return as Edgar Frog in a third sequel to the 1987 classic, told MovieWeb this week that the film is as dead as one of the series’ central villains.

”Without Warner Bros. behind it, there are no more Frog Brothers. The Bros. Warner need to get back into bed with The Bros. Frog. Then we can all have a great big movie orgy. Until then, we are all left as homeless Frogs.”

Feldman said in 2010 that the late Corey Haim wanted to return for “The Lost Boys 4”, and that they were brainstorming about how they might introduce the actor’s character back to the franchise.

“I spoke to him on the phone (while we were shooting Lost Boys: The Thirst) and we were talking about the fact that he wasn’t in it and how badly he wanted to be a part of it. We were all actually standing around talking the next day because he had put out a press release saying, “I spoke to Feldman, I’m not going to be in this film but I’m going to be in the next one.” You might remember that story breaking, that he was planning on returning to the series”, Feldman told Movieweb. “So we were actually standing around the day we shot the cemetery scene (for Lost Boys: The Thirst where Edgar visits Sam’s grave), with all the other producers trying to devise the way we were going to be able to bring his character back in the next film, should we do one, and how it would best make sense to fit in with the whole storyline.”

Pity that didn’t happen.

Say, WB-TV, how about a “Frog Brothers” TV series!?

New Jack City 2

Barry Michael Copper, screenwriter and creator of the original crime thriller, wasn’t none-too-pleased when Warner Premiere announced plans to do a sequel (without his involvement). He needn’t not worry now, with the demise of the production company, the film has been cancelled. The script for the proposed sequel had been written by NYC Tollboth worker turned screenwriter Michael Martin (“Brooklyn’s Finest”).

Point Break : Indo

Nobody much liked the idea of the sequel anyway, so it was probably fortunate that the company decided to instead reboot the original movie (not that we much like the idea of that either). The sequel script, written by W. Peter Iliff, would’ve seen an undercover FBI agent named Billy Dalton going up against some Somali pirates. Matt Gerard, Damien Walshe-Howling, Rick Otto and Christopher Baker had all been signed to star, with Jeff Wadlow (now directing “Kick-Ass 2”) on directing duties.

Beverly Hills Cop 4

Before it was decided Axel Foley might be a better fit with TV these days (yeah, dunno the thinking there!?), Paramount and director Brett Ratner were working on a fourth installment of the popular ’80s movie franchise. Ratner, and the umpteen screenwriters that worked on the project, had promised us a film more akin to the original 1984 movie – complete with an R-rating, so it’s a pity it went away.

Instead, we’re getting a CBS TV series, “Beverly Hills Cop”, which will fix on Alex’s grown-up son, also a cop, played by Brandon T.Jackson. Eddie Murphy is expected to reprise his role as Axel in the pilot and occasionally throughout the series.

Eastern Promises 2

When a studio won’t greenlight a David Cronenberg movie (and it’s been happening a fair bit lately, Fox passed on the filmmaker’s proposed remake of “The Fly” too), you know the film industry’s smack-bang in the middle of a recession. This thriller, a sequel to the Viggo Mortensen movie from a couple of years back, was full-speed ahead until Universal decided it was no longer a viable option for their slate. The movie was due to film in October.

Scream 5

2011’s ”Scream 4” was said to be the first in a new trilogy of ”Scream” movies. That plan was scrubbed when the movie, headlined by Emma Roberts, failed to attract big numbers at the box-office. Kevin Williamson, writer of the film, had an idea for a fifth and sixth film, but he severed ties with Dimension after the unsavoury experience working with this one of the company.

Like “Beverly Hills Cop”, the plan now is to take the “Scream” brand to Television, with MTV said to be developing a series version of the horror classic.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Platinum Dunes’ remake of the classic horror hit was a moderate success – much more so than their “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remake, I believe – but seemingly not enough of an audience grabber to warrant a further sequel. As it stands, producer Michael Bay has no plans on dusting Jason Voorhees off for another round.

Might Lionsgate nab the rights to the iconic slasher-man and reboot the series!?

I Am Number Four 2

Once proposed to be the next ‘Twilight’ – it too was based on a series of young-adult novels – D.J Caruso’s “I Am Number Four” sadly failed to impress the studio and the punters, leaving those once imminent sequel plans to gather dust in a vault somewhere. Screenwriter Marti Noxon (“Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”) told Collider in 2011 that she’s disappointed there won’t be a follow-up, if only because Teresa Palmer did a great job in the first. “My only real regret about that is that Number Six was really awesome and I would have liked to have seen a lot more of her. We need another kick-ass girl heroine.”

John Carter 2

Before the film flopped miserably, “John Carter” director Andrew Stanton gushed about his plans for an epic trilogy of films based upon the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 novel. Stanton had outlined two sequels, and planned to get underway on the first of those as soon as the “Carter” PR had wrapped, but the box-office (and Disney) had other plans. Stanton is now working on a sequel to (more of a sure-thing) “Finding Nemo”.

Lethal Weapon 5

Fans have been waiting hopelessly for a Riggs/Martaugh reunion for years. For that matter, so has Warner Bros, producer Joel Silver and writer Shane Black. Danny Glover, too, would probably do it once he got wind of how many O’s donned the end of the number on his cheque. Alas, Mel Gibson won’t do it – and one can’t have “Lethal Weapon” without Riggs. Gibson told Coming Soon that he’s thankful for the series, but he won’t be doing the oft-rumoured fifth. “I think the way things are going, they’ll just remake those somehow. Though it’s really tough to replace Danny [Glover]. He was so amazing in those things. It was a good gig for us. They really afforded me the opportunity to slow down and pick things and do things that really interested me.”

The abandoned idea for “Lethal Weapon 5”, Richard Donner told Collider, involved Gibson and Glover’s characters using a motor-home to make things go boom.

“The two crazies decide to cool their lives, but it’s impossible for them to stay out of situations. It starts with Riggs and Murtaugh out in the country in a motorhome. They’re on a trip and they stop to get gas, but Roger forgets to put the brake on. So the motorhome rolls through a village, annihilating everything, and they get in serious trouble. It had a lot of heart, a lot of family. Rene [Russo, who played Lorna Cole], Darlene [Love, who played Trish Murtaugh], they would all have come back.”

Hmmm.. maybe it’s a good thing that one didn’t happen!?

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