Darkseid vs. Justice League in 2015!


We know that the tight-wearing rebels of neighbourhood watch will be ganging up to fight a big-bad of some sort come 2015, but just who have the Justice League pegged Enemy Number One for Summer 2015?

According to Latino Review, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and, erm, Super Friends, will be teaming to defeat the evil Darkseid – a character well-known to fans of the ‘Superman’ series.

Yes folks, Darkseid. The supreme monarch of the planet Apokolips and the greatest threat to the DC Universe.

It’s kind of obvious if you really think about it. I mean for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and others to come together in a summer tentpole movie to face a threat, well, that threat better be planetary. Who were you expecting? Lex Luthor?

So, for the uninitiated, here’s the baddie in a nutsell : Darkseid was a powerful god who wanted to eliminate all free will from the universe and reshape it into his own image. Yes, he wasn’t unlike a couple of ex-President’s.

I think my first taste of screen Darkseid was in TV’s “Smallville”. The villain of the show’s tenth and final season, the character ultimately appeared – after being teased and hinted at throughout the season, a’la ‘there’s a dark force coming’ – as a mass rock-like force hovering about Metropolis. It was at this moment, that Clark Kent became Superman and stopped Darkseid and the planet Apokolips from destroying Earth by pushing it into outer space.

Whatever the case, probably a good villain to include in the film since Darkseid hasn’t appeared in any of the major live-action ‘Superman’ films.

“Justice League” has some mighty competition that Summer (of 2015) with “The Avengers 2” also looking to eat-up some of your movie-going dollars.