Kyle Chandler doesn’t think his Friday Night Lights should be a movie


I feel the same way about a “Friday Night Lights” movie as I do a third “Ghostbusters” – it doesn’t need to happen, but that doesn’t mean I won’t jump a squadron of frame-walking tea sippers to see it!

One person that doesn’t think a “Friday Night Lights” movie needs to exist – lets call him the Bill Murray of this particular project, shall we? – is star Kyle Chandler, who believes Peter Berg and company shouldn’t try and get a feature film version of the TV series off-the-ground. As far as ‘Coach Taylor’ is concerned, the series ended on a high.. score.

“My general attitude about Friday Night Lights is that it was a great movie with Billy Bob Thornton. And it was a great TV show,” Chandler tells MTV News. “I never had more fun doing anything. … They ended it at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way.”

Chandler clearly isn’t a hater of the show – he says he still watches the show – but just doesn’t feel there needs to be more. And hey, he could be right!?