Disney developing sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland


I think I’d rather jam a sharpie up my rectum and follow the act up with a live reading of for the public myself, but Disney are slightly more excited at the idea of a Tim Burton-led “Alice in Wonderland” sequel it seems.

The studio, now home to the most franchises this side of Naboo, is developing a sequel to Burton’s 2010 fantasy, says Variety. Linda Woolverton is returning to pen Alice’s next adventure down the rabbit hole.

No word on whether Burton, or star Johnny Depp, let alone the rabbit are returning. Only confirmation at this stage is that I won’t be reprising my role as audience member. Couldn’t make a deal, I’m afraid.

Hopefully Burton is more enthusiastic about the oft-rumoured “Beetlejuice” sequel, than this one, and make it a priority.