Exclusive : Lundgren on Rescue 3 series; filming begins in April


Dolph Lundgren will begin filming the recently-announced TV series “Rescue 3” in April, the “Universal Soldier : Day of Reckoning” star tells Moviehole.

The actor’s television debut, as the star of a new action-adventure series produced by Emmett/Furla and to be seen on Tribune stations, can be seen in the Fall.

Lundgren tells us : “We start shooting it in April next year….I have a couple of small things to do beforehand, one is a movie [“Rush”] in which I play the small role of a DEA agent, and that co-stars Randy Couture.”

The amiable swede says he’s excited at the prospect of playing Capt. John Mathews, a reluctant hero and career firefighter and lifeguard, for a guaranteed 104 week-run.

“…it’s about this unified command structure… coast-guards, life-guards and fire-fighters, who save people off the coast of Southern California. I play the leader of that unit – there’s like three chicks and three guys – who, if there’s a fire or an accident of some sort, comes to the rescue. We start shooting it in April next year. There’s no body else in the cast yet. We’re going to have a guest star each week.”

Meantime, Lundgren says he hasn’t heard anything definite on “Expendables 3”, but looks forward to seeing if Stallone can snag his wish-list of new additions.

“I know they’ve been trying to get Wesley Snipes”, the actor, who plays Gunner in the franchise, says. “There’s also been rumours of Nick Cage and Harrison Ford. I don’t call the shots though.”