Kristen Stewart confirms she’ll star alongside Ben Affleck in Focus


A wee bit ago, Kristen Stewart was the subject of a trade news item suggesting Ben Affleck had chosen the “Twilight” beauty to be the female lead of his new film, “Focus”. Well, seems the offer was accepted; Stewart tells The Huffington Post that she has officially signed on to the comedy, written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”).

“I can confirm that rumor,” Stewart, out promoting “On The Road”, said in relation to the internet reports pairing her and Affleck up for the film. “It’s a comedy. I’m really excited about it. We start shooting in April.”

The Warner Bros project tells of a couple of con-artists, with Affleck playing the more seasoned of the duo.

Before she gets ‘down and dirty’ with Affleck (the film apparently requires Stewart and Affleck to participate in some red-hot love scenes), the actress hopes to find a small, quick flick to do.

Stewart says she “would love to find some micro-project before then, because April is kind of a ways away.”