Johnston rewriting Salt sequel for Angelina Jolie


“Prince of Tides” writer onboard “Salt” sequel.

Yep, I dunno about you, but whenever I think ‘adrenaline-pumping macho-female spy-thriller’ it always evokes images of grizzled Nick Nolte cradling Barbra Streisand in his arms.

Nevertheless, Sony thinks “Tides” scribe Becky Johnson is the right woman for the job. Kurt Wimmer had written a previous draft of the sequel, but Jolie didn’t think his script was “up to snuff”, according to THR.

To Johnson’s credit, she’s actually been working on quite a few action-adventure tentpoles; she did some work on the ostensibly cursed “Wonder Woman” movie, the Brad Bird earthquake movie “1906” , and Prince’s “Under the Cherry Moon” – which, if I recall, was packed with, erm, action.