Disney lets loose another Lone Ranger trailer


Just after I clocked off tonight, Disney sends on a trailer for “The Lone Ranger”.

What that meant, of course, was that not only did Mickey’s men- and the fan community here (we have fans, right!?) – expect me to return to the world of the web and slap it up (guess Disney are working back late, I should’ve been too), but that some run-down old PC at an Elizabeth Street cafe was about to get a work-out as I played poster-boy.

Hey, worth it though… this looks like a bit of rootin’ tootin’ yeehaw fun!

“The Lone Ranger” stars a Winklevoss, Edward Scissorhands and Tim Burton’s Mrs, is directed by Gore Verbinski, and hits cinemas in July. It’s, of course, based on an old TV series… “Bosom Buddies”. Or something.