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Great second trailer for Man of Steel

While not a huge fan of “Superman” myself – I get he’s all ‘truth, justice, and the American Way’ but I like my men a little more grizzled.. and with the ability to know when the underpants go on (before the pants, before the pants, before the pants) – I must admit, “Man of Steel” looks like it could be one of 2013’s highlights.

This second trailer for the Zack Snyder film – though it has producer Christopher ‘Batman’ Nolan’s touch all over it, don’t you think!? – packs a real punch! That moving score, the performances, the dialogue, and “Tudors” lovely Henry Cavill as Superman. Put a red and white sticker on me, I think I’m sold.

Someone special to me is a huge fan of the character, and I know he’s been skeptical for a while now – likely for purist reasons; fanboys weren’t happy that Warners decided not to follow-on from “Superman Returns”, the one starring Brandon Routh – but he was silenced with the first trailer for this, and I’m guessing this second one will have him wearing a wide smile all day. If I have one watching it, he has one. And yes, I’ll definitely see this with you!

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