10 Breaking Bits


1. Marshall Lewy’s Zambry Films has picked up the rights to the 2010 book “The Impostor’s Daughter”, which “tracks journalist Laurie Sandell’s discovery that all the amazing adventures and run-ins with the rich and famous her father told her growing up were lies.”

2. ABC and Brad Pitt (well, his production shingle) are teaming up on a new supernatural drama called “The Returned”, based on the Jason Mott book of the same name.

3. Brad Peyton will write and direct the feature film version of the book “Monument 14”, the first installment of a young adult novel trilogy about a” group of teens are trapped together in a chain superstore and face the prospect of life, death and love and hate while the world as they know it ends right outside.”

4. “Easy Rider” legend Peter Fonda has joined the cast of John McNaughton’s comeback flick, “The Harvest”.

5. ”Little Miss Sunshine”‘s Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris will direct “The Big Cigar”, about ”Black Panthers co-founder Huey Newton and a successful covert effort to smuggle him out of the U.S. and into Cuba to avoid prosecution for murder and a second violent crime.”

6. Penn Badgley, Hill Harper, Teresa Palmer and Alexis Bledel have joined the cast of “Parts Per Billion”, a “Brian Horiuchi-directed and -written drama, which follows three separate couples as they deal with an event that threatens to destroy their relationships.”

7. Peter Jackson says the “Tintin” sequel will shoot next year and be released in cinemas 2015.

8. Christopher Nolan isn’t answering – but he is smiling – the “will Joseph Gordon-Levitt be Batman in Man of Steel?” rumours.

9. There’s 5 new posters online for the undead romancer “Warm Bodies”.

10. Chris Hemsworth apparently has some – excuse the pun – racy sex scenes in the upcoming “Rush”.