10 Breaking Bits


1. In an interview with Playboy, Matt Damon reiterates that he’d like to find a way to bring back Jason Bourne. ”You know what? They might have taken the Bourne series out back and shot it in the head. If that’s the end of it, that’s just the end of it. I hope not. I love the character and the three movies we did, so I’d love to figure out a way to do another one.”

2. Dylan McDermott, of “American Horror Story” fame, will return to the horror genre for the film take on Stephen King’s “Mercy”.

3. Amber Heard (“Zombieland”) will join Kevin Costner in the McG-directed action thriller “Three Days to Kill”.

4. Guillermo Del Toro has recorded a commentary for the “Pacific Rim” trailer (!). It’s more worthwhile than it sounds.

5. William Monahan (“The Departed”) is rewriting “American Desperado”, set to star Mark Wahlberg. ”The film, based on the book American Desperado: My Life As A Cocaine Cowboy, focuses on the criminal exploits of Jon Roberts, who made a fortune smuggling cocaine into the U.S. for the Medellin Cartel.”

6. That faux ‘Hobbit’ flick from The Asylum, “Age of the Hobbits” has been retitled “Clash of the Empires”.

7. Garett Hedlund confirms he’ll be back for “Tron 3”, which is gaining interest at Disney.

8. “Star Trek Into Darkness” villain Benedict Cumberbatch dishes on his role in an interview with E! News.

9. Over at The AV Club, Corey Feldman is asked about the oft-rumoured “Goonies” sequel. “If you ask Sean Astin, it’s definitely going to happen, if you ask Josh [Brolin] or Martha, it’s never gonna happen, and if you ask me… I say that there’s always hope until we’re all dead. [Laughs.]”

10. Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson will reprise their “Insidious” roles for the sequel.