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The CW’s Sherwood reintroduces audiences to Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

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Psychiatrist nurse that brings her love of cinema and medical opinion to Moviehole.

The CW is bringing back Sherwood Forest’s green-favouring hero, Robin Hood.

“Sherwood”, described as an “hour-long period drama with a female slant”, will be penned by Tze Chun (“Cashmere Mafia”) and produced by Dan Jinks (“Emily Owens M.D”), says THR.

Sherwood, which has received a script commitment at the network, is set in 1072 England and revolves around a young noblewoman who sets out to free her serf boyfriend, who has been wrongfully imprisoned by ruthless Norman occupiers. Seeing help from the vanished Robin of Locksley, she inadvertently reunites — and joins — the fabled Robin Hood and his Merry Men, inspiring new hope for the oppressed people of Nottingham.

TV definitely isn’t big on new ideas at the moment – most of the projects in development seem to be reboots of old shows, adaptations of comic-books, or new incarnations of classic books, like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – but at least there’s an interesting spin being put on most of the things they do do.

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Psychiatrist nurse that brings her love of cinema and medical opinion to Moviehole.

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