John Magaro, Bella Heathcote, and Jack Huston


David Chase’s 60’s set “Not Fade Away” centers on a group of teenagers who start a rock band following the debut of the Rolling Stones. Starring John Magaro, Bella Heathcote, and Jack Huston, the film features music from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and longtime Chase collaborator Steve Van Zandt.

Moviehole had the chance to talk music, favorite albums, and potential band names with the film’s promising rising stars.

What impact has music had on your life? 

Magaro: At the risk of sounding cliche, music is a huge passion of mine. I’m obsessed with it. I have a huge record collection that I’m constantly listening to. The only reason I like driving is so I can listen to the radio and sing along to it.

I feel, and David (Chase) has said this too, for kids that grew up outside of Metropolitan areas, music is the first chance you have to understand what art can be and what art is. It’s the most immediate entry point to an artistic life.

Heathcote: Music has always been a huge part of my life. I remember growing up, my best friend wasn’t that into music and I found it really disturbing (laughs). As as a kid it helped me to express my feelings before I even knew what they were or where they were coming from and I think it’s just continued on that way.

As an actress, I’ve always found music really helpful in terms of getting into character and allowing me to get inspired.

Huston: The biggest effect was actually getting to learn to play the guitar. That’s probably one of the greatest things anyone can do–but to get to do it as a job in Steve Van Zant’s studio for six hours a day on some of the guitars that he’s taken on tour since the 60’s and 70’s–that was pretty awesome.

Where there bands/artists that you disovered while filming “Not Fade Away” that you were previously unfamiliar with?  

Magaro: I did. I had heard a lot of the 60’s rock. The Stones, Kinks, Yardbirds, and all that but from this I definitely gained a new appreciation for some of the blues musicians that came before these guys from England who were influenced by it.

I walked away from the film really loving Elmore James a lot. I’ve kind of become a little obsessed with him

Heathcote: Definitely. Dave introduced me to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, which I wasn’t too familiar with, and bands like Bo Diddley and Lead Belly. I was a fan of the Stones before but it became like a complete obsession during the film.

Huston: There’s so many. We were given iPods filled with songs. I knew a lot of the artists from that time because that’s my favorite period of music  but I developed a new appreciation for music, especially for guitarists.

Can you name some of your favorite albums? 

Magaro: That’s so difficult! “Let it Bleed,” by the Stones is probably one of my favorites. Going into the 90’s, I have to say “Nevermind” by Nirvana.

Heathcote: I feel like that’s a unanswerable question. Basically, all the Stones albums. I love their earlier LP’s–like “Tattoo You,” “Emotional Rescue.” Beyond that…it’s impossible. It’s songs that stay with me more than albums.

Huston: I’m big into the Stones, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and I’ve always been a big Beatles fan. I’m really into Leonard Cohen, Nick Craig, Jeff Buckley.

What was the first concert you went to? 

Magaro: I was taken by my parents when I was about six or seven to a Beach Boys concert.

Heathcote: I think it was a Janet Jackson concert.

Huston: I think it might have been Michael Jackson.

What would your band name be? 

Magaro: I feel like all the band names are taken. I’ll have to really think about that. All The Good Band Names Are Taken is my band name.

Heathcote: That’s impossible! Everything’s taken.

Huston: The Sages.

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