Our 10 best reviews of the year, as voted by you!


Across our respective Facebook profile pages, the staff of Moviehole asked “What’s been your favourite review of ours this year?”. We wanted to put together a list of the ten most voted-on reviews, and slap a ribbon around each of them, declaring them our reviews of the year.

Here are the results :

Moviehole’s 10 Best Reviews – As Voted by You

1. “Vamps” – by Clint Morris
“15 years ago, I was likely also anticipating an Alicia Silverstone reunion – only that one involved a tongue and a bedroom wall of sticky clippings of a teenage movie star in skimpy clothing.”

2.“Savages” – by Clint Morris
”“Get Shorty”, “Broken Arrow”, “Face Off”, “Blow Out”, “Grease”, “Wild Hogs”, “Old Dogs”, “Swordfish”, “The Shaggy Dog”, “The Punisher”, “Be Cool”, “Shout”, “White Man’s Burden”…. yep, John Travolta has finally done it – he’s made a film with a title that doesn’t lend itself too easily to a 140 character tweet gag encompassed of sordid massage innuendo!”

3. “Safety Not Guaranteed” – by Mandy Griffiths
“Charming characters, scenic backdrops, original concept and many “Star Wars” references – “Safety Not Guaranteed” is the ideal indie film.”

4. Take this Waltz – by Clint Morris
”This ‘new eventually becomes old too’ reminder, based on a 2010 black list script by actress Polley, will likely send Nicholas Sparks into convulsions, and any young woman who has ditched her solid, loving but seemingly vanilla partner for someone a little more caramel and mysterious , straight to a library to loan a ‘get him back’ fix-it manual.”

5. The Hunger Games – by Ashleigh Hill-Buxton
“There I was, standing in the juice bar I worked at, rambling on to one of my regular customers – now my editor, “Caffeinated Clint” about how excited I was that Stanley Tucci had been cast for the film as the cheesy television host Caesar Flickerman.”

6. The Sapphires – by Mandy Griffiths
”1968 was the same year that Aboriginal Australians were given the vote for the first time, and reflective of its era, the film does not shy away from racial matters.”

7. “The Hunger Games” – by Clint Morris
“Sure, it’s no Dr Suess’s “The Cat in the Hat” but it’s a really mesmerizing series.”

8. “The Impossible” – by Drew Turney
”Some movies are immune to criticism by virtue of their subject matter. Any movie about the tragedy that befell the four corners of the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004 is like a movie about US soldiers leaving their loving families and going to Afghanistan to fight, or a disabled child defying the odds to follow a dream.”

9. Zero Dark Thirty – by Clint Morris
“It’s not a Christmas cracker meant to blow out every which side with excitement, trumpeting a party in progress. It’s a reminder that thousands of people lost their lives for nothing. And if we could, we’d gladly trade the film to have them back with us.”

10. Hitchcock – by Mike Smith
”Hopkins does a good job imitating the voice and cadence of the great director, however sometimes his makeup makes him look more like Bob Newhart then Hitchcock.”