Anderson announces the full cast of Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson (“Moonrise Kingdom”) has announced, via an interview he did with The Hollywood Reporter, the full cast of his next flick “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

The film, starring Ralph Fiennes as a hotel concierge circa 1920’s, will include Anderson-regulars (like Bill Murray, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman) as well as some who will be, erm, popping their Wes cherry on the production (like Jude Law and Harvey Keitel).

”I can tell you the cast — maybe you already know the cast, but I can tell you properly who it is: We have Ralph Fiennes, and we have Tilda Swinton and Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, we have F. Murray Abraham and Jude Law, and we’ve got Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, and Mathieu Amalric. And I think Owen is gonna have a little part, too. Oh, Saoirse Ronan has quite a big part. I’m thinking if I’ve forgotten anybody. Yeah, we have a good group.”

Anderson and Wilson worked on, of course, “Bottle Rocket” all those years ago; Wilson co-wrote the classic pic, as well as starred in it.