Blade alum bringing Hellsing to the big screen


Prolific comic book movie scribe David S.Goyer (“Batman Begins”, “Blade Trinity”) will direct a feature take on the ’90s Manga fave “Hellsing”.

Set to shoot in London in early 2013, the low-budget feature features an ensemble of mostly unknowns, made up of the likes of Swedish singer Ana Johnson and martial-arts actor Daniel Bernhardt (“The Matrix”). Asim Ahmad, also appearing on-screen in the flick as Alucard, wrote the script.

Comic Book Movie, who broke the news, adds :

Jake Sharp (All My Children) will be portraying Father Anderson, Daniel Bernhardt (Bloodsport 2, The Matrix Reloaded) will be portraying Walter and Swedish singer Ana Johnsson will be portraying Integra Hellsing. Expect some recognizable names from the action genre to cameo.

While Goyer’s best-known for his work on pricey blockbusters, like the three “Blade” movies, “Hellsing” isn’t his first foray into low-budget filmmaking. Goyer’s “ZigZag”, featuring Sam Jones III and Wesley Snipes, produced for far, far less than most of his more mainstream efforts, might also be Goyer’s finest hour as a filmmaker.