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Set in a futuristic world, “Cosmopolis” follows Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson), the 28-year-old golden boy of finance as he glides around town in his ultramodern stretch limo in search of answers and a haircut as Wall Street crumbles around him.

It pains me to say this since I’ve always enjoyed David Cronenberg films, (“History of Violence” and “eXistenZ”) but “Cosmopolis” so desperately attempts to philosophize on modern society in a profound and poignant way that it loses the means or language to communicate it, pushing so hard to say something, that is says absolutely nothing at all. Granted, I haven’t read the novel by Don DeLillo, which I’m sure would offer more clarity and perhaps appreciation for the film makers adaptation but I couldn’t get on board with a story and dialogue painted in such wide abstracts and shotty story telling under the premise of art. Yes, art can be abstract and it can be in film, but this was nothing less than overdramatized monologues, one after the other, without even a kernel of insight. We can all speak in abstracts, that doesn’t make it meaningful. I’m impressed when a film maker can communicate a philosophy delicately and subtly through a character or situation, not with each character serving as a benchmark for a philosophy, spewing meaningless diatribe as they enter and exit the limo. Pattinson was also somewhat distracting in the role, cast as an intelligent, mega rich playboy, who mostly sounds awkward speaking finance and even stranger delivering dirty talk. It sounds awkward and uncharacteristic coming from his mouth, never convincing me of his sexual prowess or appeal. If the character had been cast differently, it might have played better, but I wasn’t convinced.

Blu-ray details/extras : Citizens of Cosmopolis Featurette: This is a really great behind the scenes look with cast and crew speaking of their experience and admiration of David Cronenberg.

Audio Commentary with David Cronenberg: This is a pretty decent commentary track by Cronenberg and includes a lot of creative decision choices and why he made them. If you’re one of the many who ended the film wanting more clarity or feeling left behind, catch the audio commentary for reasons why.

Interviews with Cast and Crew: Pretty standard interviews with cast and crew, with some footage from the previous behind the scenes making of in the citizens of cosmopolis featurette.

Quality-wise, I had no real complaints on the quality or sound on the Blu-Ray, both were pretty crisp.

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