Arrested Development returns in May; the movie should be next


Netflix chief Ted Sarandos has announced that all 14 newly-produced episodes of “Arrested Development” will roll out at-the-same-time in May.

The next batch of episodes aren’t considered the fourth season of the long-cancelled show, according to its cast. Instead, as Jason Bateman told reporters at the TCA upfronts, the new episodes are somewhat of a tease of the lingering “Arrested Development” movie.

The eps, due to air in May, are “basically just the first act that we hope to complete in a movie, which will be acts 2 and 3,” star Bateman said, according to Deadline. “The episodes will set that up, and one will not work without the other.” But he quickly added, “This will, however, provide a satisfying conclusion if for some unfortunate reason the movie doesn’t happen.”

Creator and EP Mitch Hurwitz, looking to back himself out of corner, reiterated that a movie isn’t a sure thing and, in fact, these new episodes were originally conceived as constituents of a feature.

“We’d mapped this out as a movie and then worked backwards to do these shows. So it might not be a movie. It might be something else. I’d be happy with it as ColorForms at this point.”

It was suggested at the TCA’s that the film might also find a home on Netflix, rather than being produced for the big screen.