Ruben Fleischer offers Spy Hunter and Zombieland 2 updates


A feature film adaptation of video game “Spy Hunter” has been in the works longer than, well, Dwayne Johnson’s been going by, erm, Dwayne Johnson.

Latest filmmaker charged with the mission to bring it to the big screen (John Woo is one of the many who have tried but failed at the plight, before) is “Gangster Squad” helmer Ruben Fleischer.
Collider got a few good quotes from Fleischer, while speaking to the filmmaker on the “Gangster Squad” promo trail.

Firstly, on the tone of the film :

“I love Bond movies, I love spy movies; I feel like Bond and Bourne are pretty serious and dark and take themselves pretty seriously, and my sensibility is more “popcorn” I guess you could say, and so I was excited to do a really fun, funny, sexy, exotic locations, amazing cars version of a spy movie. What’s great about Spy Hunter is that we have an amazing title, an awesome car, and a great theme song, and we can use that to launch a new franchise that hopefully will compete with the other ones but just be kind of the more fun, video game version of a spy movie.”

Fleischer cautioned that there wasn’t even a script yet, let alone a cool car picked out for its hero.

“I mean we don’t even have a script, we’re just pitching the studio now. We’re in the process now of pitching our ideas to what the movie would be to the studio, so this is definitely a ways off. But I would think that we would want to—I’m not saying it’s going to resemble the Batmobile, but we would want to make our own car. It’s not like we’re gonna take a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or something like that and put missile launchers on that, it would probably be its own car I would hope.”

Fans of the prehistoric game will be thrown the odd bone, by the sounds.

“[The weapons van] would be a part of it. The three things I remember are the weapons van, the boat, and the car. What little there is to take from the original, I think we would want to embrace all those aspects for fans of the games. But I’m guessing that most kids under 25 don’t know the specifics of Spy Hunter.”

Sounds like it’s a ways off, yet.

Possibly even further away is a sequel to “Zombieland”, according to Fleischer.

“I hate to do it, but I can say that there’s no immediate plans to make the movie. There’s no script, really, so the likelihood of it happening is slim. But I would not wanna put a nail in that coffin.”

The idea Fleischer has for the sequel though, involves a concept suggesting “that the threat to our heroes wasn’t only zombies, like they encounter other people that they’re all jockeying for positions.”