Troy sequel will be set in Space


Warners is bringing to the screen Homer’s “The Odyssey”, the literary sequel to the author’s “The Illiad” (turned int the Wolfgang Peterson flick “Troy”), according to Deadline.

Rather than being a swords n’ sandals pic though, this “Odyssey” will be set in Space.

Deadline says newly-graduated NYU student James Di Lappo is writing the screenplay.

The Odyssey tracks the struggle of Odysseus to return from those wars, as suitors line up to marry his wife, and sponge off his estate as they wait for her to make a decision. Terry Dougas of 1821 Pictures hatched the idea of setting the tale in space and he and cohort Paris Kasidokostas Latsis brought the idea to the studio. Brad Pitt was once attached to this one as well, but is no longer.

Warners apparently envisions a franchise here.