More Nic Cage as Superman, anyone?


When Jamie from ThinkMcFlyThink hit me up earlier today on Facebook with the message ‘You can’t unsee this… ‘ I was immediately intrigued. He was either about to ask for sewing advice, wondering how to stitch a bottom hole in his underoos, and was about to provide visual evidence of the unstitching, or he was going to show me these…

Yes. Nicolas Cage as Superman.

We all dodged a bullet, right?

These are new behind-the-dressing-room-door shots that have surfaced from Warner’s abandoned “Superman Lives” project, which Cage was set to play Tim Burton’s incarnation of Superman in.
Click here for the full report at TMT, and bookmark the site in case Jamie decides to either a) release those rumoured unstitched-underoos shots (hello.. ladies!) or b) comes across some newly resurfaced stills of Sandra Bernhard as Lois Lane.