James Bond hurts Dragon Tattoo sequel


Brooke here,

Has the success of James Bond flick “Skyfall” cost fans of David Fincher’s “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remake their sequel?

The Hollywood Reporter says though Sony and Fincher are interested in doing a follow-up to the 2011 film, based on the Swedish flick of the same name, star Daniel Craig’s rising price-tag coupled with the studio’s reluctance to lend the film a big-budget, has stalled the sequel indefinitely.

Off the back of his success with “Skyfall”, Craig wants a big fee for the “Tattoo” sequel. Sony aren’t biting.

The actor is interested in returning to the role, should Sony meet his demands.

If Craig and Sony don’t come to an agreement, his character – journalist Mikael Blomkvist – may be written out of the follow-up. This wouldn’t be hard considering the second film in the trilogy largely only concentrate’s on the Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara in Fincher’s first) anyway.

Steven Zaillian has turned in a “production-ready” script for “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, featuring the Blomkvist character, so obviously Sony would prefer Craig simply accept what they’re offering and do the movie so they don’t have to find more money and time to commission a rewrite.

“Everyone wants to make the next movies happen,” says an insider. “There’s a great story to tell.”