David Denman playing the Billy Rosewood of Cop TV spin-off


David Denman (“The Office”) will play – well, a ‘Billy Rosewood’ type character – ”Brad, a stand-up, extremely likable and socially awkward Beverly Hills detective” in CBS’s new “Beverly Hills Cop” series.

Deadline‘s description of the character – which also states he was a musician and former baseball player – makes him sound a lot like the character Judge Reinhold played in the three “Beverly Hills Cop” movies.

Shawn Ryan’s spin-off of the film series will center on Axel Foley’s detective son, Aaron, played by Brandon T.Jackson. Eddie Murphy will make recurring appearances throughout the series as Foley.

Though Denman is best known for playing Roy Anderson on TV’s “The Office”, his other screen credits include “Fanboys”, “The Tin Star” and the upcoming “jOBS”.