Bruce Willis says Die Hard 6 is coming


Bruce Willis is in the UK promoting “A Good Day to Die Hard”, the latest installment in the long-running “Die Hard” movie series, and was asked whether there’ll be a sixth film in the series.

Though it’s obviously too early to consider his answer definitive, Willis tells the BBC (via Empire Online) that there will indeed be a “Die Hard 6”.

While Willis is very keen to reprise John McClane for a sixth film, by sounds, I’d say it’ll ultimately be up to the box-office and whether or not this fifth installment, “Good Day to Die Hard”, makes enough money to warrant another.

If there is a “Die Hard 6”, as Willis suggests there will be, who would you like to see McClane team up with in it? He’s had an adventure with his daughter, and is about to team up with his son, so is it time for him to reunite with his ex-wife!?