Beal’s Justice League script is terrible!?


Is Warner Bros’ “Justice League” in trouble?

The film, which teams the classic DC comics’ superheroes, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, has been penciled in for release in 2015. But this latest report suggests things mightn’t be going as planned.

According to Bad Ass Digest, Will Beal’s script for the film has been “tossed out”. As a fan of the law-enforcer cum screenwriter’s work on “Gangster Squad” (loved some of those lines!), I’m surprised, not to mention a little saddened to hear it. But if it’s indeed “terrible”, as the site’s heard it is, then Warners may have done us a favour. We have, after all, been waiting for a “Justice League” movie for many years – we can surely wait a little longer for a ‘good’ one.
Beal’s script reportedly involves the superfriends taking on the villain Darkseid and some sort of other “cosmic threat”, but if Warners are going to start again – it’s in all probability we’ll see a different story when the film does finally hit theatres (looks very unlikely they’ll meet their 2015 release date).

Assumingly, we’ll get some sort of update from DC and Warner on “Justice League” at Comic-Con this year.

Here’s Devin’s scoop :

I’ve now heard from multiple sources that the Will Beall script for Justice League has been scrapped. The story from each source is the same: it’s terrible. Some sources seem to think the whole movie is going to fall apart and never happen, while some believe that Warner Bros will keep moving forward, unwilling to lose the superhero arms race.
Beall’s script supposedly includes Darkseid and a heavy cosmic threat. But the script has been half-baked from the beginning, with reports saying that heroes (beyond the core five of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern) have been cut and added from the proceedings seemingly at studio executive will. The latest word was that Warner Bros, experiencing real cold feet, had decided to wait until The Man of Steel to really move forward, but it’s possible that moving forward now will mean a whole new script.
Meanwhile the studio has been unable to get the interest of a quality director, reportedly because of the script.

Sounds like a job for… Superman! Oh… yeah, that’s right.