About that John Noble Star Wars Episode VII rumour…


Another day, another flippin’ keyboard Khan, armed with some BS-doused torpedoes, passing the spare time he has on on his hands (and assumingly, they’ve more spare time than a pager salesman, if they’ve the time to go to such trouble) to fire away a biggin’.

Yesterday a rumour hit the w’s that “Fringe” star John Noble was circling an unspecified ‘villain’ role in the new “Star Wars” movie that J.J Abrams is currently sweating on. According to the report, the source was FOX FM’s brilliant brekky duo Matt & Jo, with Jo reportedly the one with the big scoop.

Cool news, right? Noble would probably fit in well up there on Naboo.

Thing is, it’s bullshit. They never said it.

I can confirm to you that this is as false as whatever hides under Pammy Anderson’s togs. This was not discussed on Fox FM, and neither Matt or Jo know anything about it. It was, in other words, simply the creation of a bored fanboy who masterfully tricked a few into running it.

At this stage, I really doubt ‘anyone’ – besides maybe some storyboard artists and computer wizards – are being approached about getting involved in J.J Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII”. The casting will be a ways off, I’d think.

“Star Wars : Episode VII”, starring Tony Danza as Admiral Thrawn, is due in theaters 2015.