Ben Affleck was asked to be the next Batman


While this morning’s news – that Warner Bros has ‘tossed out’ screenwriter Will Beal’s script – suggests we mightn’t be seeing the film for a while (if at all), here’s an interesting “what could’ve been” for Warner’s proposed “Justice League of America” movie.

You may remember reading a couple of months ago that in-demand young Ben Affleck had been approached to direct the (Ben is being offered anything and everything at the moment; he was also apparently asked to consider directing the new “Star Wars” movie!) long-awaited superhero blockbuster, one that teams iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash? Yes?
Well, Warner Bros had Affleck in mind for two jobs on the movie.

While it would’ve been great to see Affleck take on that job (though, after “Argo”, “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone” he’ll likely do something even better), how is this : According to a tweet from Latino Review’s resident-scooper El Mayimbe Warner Bros also wanted Affleck to play… Batman, in the film.

Christian Bale has, of course, hung up the cowl so Warner are going to need a new Batman when “Justice League” gets underway. While some predict Joseph Gordon Levitt will probably play the character – as hinted in “Dark Knight Rises”” conclusion – next time around, I can picture Affleck as Batman. I’d be fine with him rescuing me from The Joker.

You?… Oh, doesn’t matter. It’s not happening anyway. Guess he got to be “Daredevil”.