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Berlin Film Festival Updates : Blue Angel, Birdsong, Loving Vincent, Battle of the Damned, Kill ’em All John, Tokarev, Left Behind

Word on who’s doing what and with whom from the European Film Market held at the Berlin Film Festival.

Blue Angel

Clive Owen will front up for “Blue Angel”, a Richard Levine (“Nip/Tuck”) written-directed film, described as a “psychological roller coaster ride between sex, seduction and emotional manipulation.”

The “Children of Men” star plays “a disillusioned college professor and former novelist whose life is re-energized by a gifted young writing student”, says Variety.

K5 International are heading up international sales.


Nicholas Hoult, hot off the success of “Warm Bodies”, will front Rupert ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ new WWI film. Set to shoot in the UK and Belgium later this year, it will feature Hoult as “Stephen Wraysford, a First World War officer, who falls in love with a beautiful older married woman.”

The director, as quoted by Screen Daily, said: “Nicholas Hoult is the holy grail in my search for Stephen.

“His great weight, depth and range as a fearless young actor allow us to explore this timeless story of a boy broken by a tragic love affair and what it means for young men to experience the real horror of war.”

Loving Vincent

An animated movie based on the demise of Vincent Van Gogh is in the works, according to Screen Daily.

”The crime thriller, about the life and controversial death of the painter, is told through the words of the people he painted. It will be directed by classically trained painter and animator Dorota Kobiela.”

Bankside are doing sales on the film, co-directed and produced by Hugh Welchman.

Bankside head of sales and marketing Stephen Kelliher said: “We are thrilled to be involved with this unique and highly original animated feature project. The international reputation of Vincent Van Gogh means that the film will have true worldwide appeal and audiences everywhere will instantly recognise the recreations of his important portraits and landscapes.”

Battle of the Damned

Poster for the Dolph Lundgren vehicle, in which “The Expendables” actor takes on robots, is screening footage at the EFM.

The film is now in post; a poster has been doing the rounds in Berlin :

Kill ‘Em All John

Steve Austin has two films that have been picked up by Anchor Bay, starting with this.

“Kill ‘Em All, John”, directed by Jesse V.Johnson, stars Austin as “an ex-hitman pulled back into the underworld to “retire” a number of crime bosses as the clock ticks. Filming is set to begin this summer”, according to Deadline.

Tokarev/Left Behind

Posters for a couple of Nicolas Cage movies, plastered about Berlin.

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