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New Batman solo movie may precede Justice League

What Batman fans – and who isn’t one after those terrific Chris Nolan movies, hey?! – want to know is : When might we see Batman on the big screen again, then? Do we have to wait until “Justice League”?

A few days back word surfaced that “Justice League”, the big superhero team-up flick featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, had been delayed due to script issues (read : the script reportedly sucked).

Originally, that was the plan – to reintroduce the new Batman in “Justice League” but with the film now reportedly delayed a couple more years, while Warners realigns their ducks, the studio is said to be considering giving [the new] Batman his own solo project first.

Batman-on-Film heard from a scooper who said Warners have rejigged their plans for the Bat.

“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise,” he/she said, “it’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset.” He She continued, “I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially planned. They are extreemly worried how [the Batman film franchise] would be affected if JUSTCE LEAGUE bombs…and rightfully so.”

“The fact that what should be the core fanbase of a Justice League film isn’t on board is making them sweat as well,” he/she adds.

If “Man of Steel”, the new ‘Superman’ movie hits big, we might still be waiting some time to see a new “Batman” movie though.

“If Superman [this Summer’s MAN OF STEEL] is huge, then they’ve bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years” said the tipster. “The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

Under that scenario, it’s said the new ‘Batman’ mightn’t hit screens until 2019 or so.

So, first we’ll get a “Man of Steel” trilogy, then a new ‘Batman’ flick, and then, maybe, this long-proposed “Justice League” movie.

If “Justice League” has indeed fallen apart, it wouldn’t be the first time. Aussie director George Miller tried to get a film version of the comics up a few years ago, but just a few weeks shy of principal photography – the film was all cast-up; Armie Hammer had been cast as Batman – the film collapsed.

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