“Cloverfield” star Mike Vogel, recently on TV’s “Pan Am”, has been cast in the Stephen King series “Under the Dome”.

The Hollywood Reporter says Vogel will play an Army veteran on the CBS offering, which “follows residents in the community of Chester’s Mill as they deal with the postapocalyptic conditions that ensue when a strange dome mysteriously encapsulates the town.”

Vogel’s character is “Barbie, an Army veteran who is in Chester’s Mill on a mysterious mission during which he might have killed a man. He’s not a bad guy but, at the same time, not someone to be messed with. He’s as baffled by the dome as everyone and befriended by an investigative journalist named Julia, though his shadowy past will complicate his relationship with the married woman.”

Vogel is one of the more recognizable actors cast on the series so far; others onboard include newcomers Jolene Purdy, Nicholas Strong, Alex Koch and Colin Ford.