Kennedy gets a pass-out from Jurassic Park 4


With “Jurassic Park 4” due to clomp into theaters in just over a year’s time, and with “Star Wars Episode VII” (not to mention the umpteen “Star Wars” spin-off projects) in frenzied active development (due 2015), no surprise to hear Kathleen Kennedy – recently-appointed beard surrogate at Lucasfilm – has had to resign from her producing position on the former.

Kennedy’s husband, “Jurassic Park” producer Frank Marshall revealed the news on Twitter, stating that Kennedy’s too busy getting J.J Abrams’ “Star Wars” ready to get involved in the new Dino sequel. It’s not surprising news, considering her workload, but still, this will be the first in the series that Kennedy, who has produced most of Steven Spielberg’s output over the years, won’t have produced, so she’ll be a noted absence.

“Jurassic Park 4”, which Spielberg will produce, is being written by “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. Has half-a-chance of being good, I’d think.