Malone's Movie Minute

Malone’s Movie Minute : Tom Hanks & Halle Berry

Malone’s Movie Minute : Tom Hanks & Halle Berry

It seems like forever ago I got to sit with the cast of ‘Cloud Atlas’ and watch the Toronto Film Festival Premiere of the Wachowksi/Tom Tykwer crazy collaboration. Being a huge fan of the book, I was delighted to see it brought to life on the big screen. This is a very brave film in how experimental it is, and whether it’s your jam or not, you’ll no doubt agree it is rare to see a big film taking huge chances these days.

I got to sit down with the lovely Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, to chat about their multiple characters, crazy makeup and legacy of ‘Cloud Atlas’.

‘Cloud Atlas’ will be out in Australia (finally) on Feb 28.

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Malone's Movie Minute

Alicia Malone is a Film Reporter, TV Host, Producer, Writer, Editor, and all around movie geek. She developed her taste for film at a young age, spending many a heady Friday night pajama-clad at the video store, picking out her 7 films for 7 days for $7. Bargain! While at school she created a Film Club, electing herself President. Eventually the School Principal asked her not to get up in assembly to talk about movies anymore.

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