Lawrence and O.Russell reunite for Ends of the Earth


Seems David O.Russell has found a new muse in Jennifer Lawrence, the statue-winning actress from the filmmaker’s “Silver-Linings Playbook”.

The Hollywood Reporter says, in addition to an untitled drama Lawrence is making with O.Russell and actor Christian Bale, Lawrence is going to headline the director’s “The Ends of the Earth”.

The Weinstein co drama is “a fact-based love story about a powerful oil tycoon who has everything stripped from him after he is caught in an affair”.

“Jennifer possesses a self-deprecating humor that made all of the cast and crew feel at ease,” Russell tells THR in a statement. “She is that kind of person.” “She is the most dedicated person I know. She is devoted to her family and they have been the true inspiration for her character and integrity. Her acting is effortless and she always makes it look easy.”

Chris Terrio (“Argo”) wrote the screenplay, so it should be pretty decent.