Shane Acker directing Beasts of Burden


Oscar nominated director Shane Acker (‘9’) will be directing “Beasts of Burden”, a comic book that will be brought to life by Reel FX.

“Beasts of Burden”, a series of comic books created by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson is about a group of animals, mainly dogs, who safeguard a small town as a series of paranormal events unfold.

The Wrap has said that Darren Lemke, who wrote “Shrek Forever After,” will adapt the comics while Reel FX’s Aron Warner will produce alongside Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson and Strange Weather’s Andrew Adamson.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with such accomplished producers and filmmakers on this incredible project. There is a real independent spirit at Reel FX — the studio is full of energy and fresh ideas — which is necessary to bring this unique story to life.”

Acker’s made his feature debut in 2009 with the Tim Burton produced ‘9’, and his animated work can also be seen in other blockbuster films, Total Recall and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.