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TV : Sorvino, Egan, Vand, Bates Motel, Morley, Stern

Who is doing what with whom. Lots of pilot updates today, folks!

  • Former “Home & Away” star Chris Egan has joined the cast of ABC’s “Gothica”, ”which weaves together a mythology that incorporates the legends of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray.” Egan is playing Dorian Gray. Also cast, Brit Tom Ellis as Victor Frankenstein.
  • Sheila Vand (“Argo”) will be the female lead in CBS’s new “Beverly Hills Cop” series. ”Vand will play Leila, a Beverly Hills detective who gave up a life of privilege for one of independence. The role was written as Persian, which is appropriate since Iranian-Americans now represent more than 20% of the population of Beverly Hills where a recent Mayor was Iranian-born.” Brandon T.Jackson headlines the series, playing Axel Foley’s son Aaron.
  • “Romy & Michele” alum Mira Sorvino is starring in a new sitcom opposite Jim Gaffigan. ”Written by Gaffigan and Peter Tolan (the two co-wrote the story, and Tolan wrote the script), the project centers on Jim (Gaffigan) a guy who lives with his wife Jeannie (Sorvino) and five kids in a 2-bedroom New York apartment. Sorvino’s Jeannie is a super-wife and super-mom. The mother of five kids, she has a sixth child in the house: her husband Jim.”
  • FX’s “The Americans”, the spy series with Keri Russell, has been picked up for a second season. “The Americans has quickly established itself as a key part FX’s acclaimed drama line-up,” FX president John Landgraf said in a statement. The first season finale airs May 1.
  • “Revenge” castmember Robbie Ammell has landed the lead role in The CW’s “Tomorrow People”, based on the British series of the same name. ”Tomorrow People revolves around several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution and work together to defeat the forces of evil. Amell, repped by ICM Partners, Coast To Coast and Protege Entertainment, will play Stephen, a tormented man who longs to be normal and is relieved when he learns that he’s not crazy but rather part of a group of genetically superior “Tomorrow People.””
  • “Blinder” star Bob Morley and “Emily Owens, M.D” star Eli Goree have joined the cast of the CW pilot “The Hundred”. ”Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, a spaceship housing the lone human survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth to investigate the possibility of re-colonizing the planet. The drama pilot is based on the forthcoming Little, Brown-published The Hundred book series by Kass Morgan.” Morley plays “Bellamy, one of the delinquents — but five years older than the next-oldest — on the space station. He is described as manipulative, strong and crafty” while Goree is “Jaha, also one of the young delinquents on the space station. He is disliked by the others because many of their parents have been imprisoned — or worse — by Wells’ father, the chancellor of the space station.”
  • “Party Down” alum Ryan Hansen has joined the cast of CBS’s “Bad Teacher”. The series, based on the Cameron Diaz movie, stars Ari Graynor in the title role. Hansen plays the role Jason Segel played in the movie.
  • “Home Alone” and “City Slickers” star Daniel Stern has joined the comedy pilot “Girlfriend in a Coma”. The series, starring Christina Ricci, ”centers on Karen (Ricci), a woman who was in a coma for many years and unexpectedly comes out of the coma to find she has a 17-year-old daughter, Evie (Miranda Cosgrove). Stern plays Karen’s father Tom McNeil, a salt of the earth electrician who, along with his wife, has been raising Evie.”
  • NKOTB member Joey McIntyre and Jessica Chafin have joined the cast of CBS’s “The McCarthy’s”, which “revolves around an Irish-Catholic, sports-crazed Boston clan and the gay son (Jack Lacy) whose greatest sin is not his sexuality but his desire to spend less time with his family. McIntyre will play Gerard McCarthy, the one short guy in the family who is mad about it. Chaffin, repped by CAA and attorney Jeff Endlich, plays his sister Jackie, who swings wildly from overconfidence to insecurity, and is completely unaware that she’s her mother’s (Jacki Weaver) least favorite.”
  • “Entourage” alum Constance Zimmer will recur on Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom”; she’ll play Taylor, a press spokesperson for the Mitt Romney campaign.
  • “Deadwood” star Kim Dickens will join CBS’s “Second Sight”, starring alongside Jason Lee, playing a detective.
  • “Buffy” alum Marc Blucas has joined the cast of “Killer Women”, the new ABC Studios offering starring Tricia Helfer.
  • Steve Zahn (“Rescue Dawn”) will star in the ABC pilot “Influence”, ”described as a provocative workplace ensemble centered on the complicated relationship between two brothers — a bipolar genius in human psychology and a slick ex-con — who head a unique agency designed to solve their clients’ problems using the real science of human motivation and manipulation. Zahn will play the genius brother Clark, an unmedicated bipolar world renowned expert in the fields of human behavior, psychology and motivation. He’s a former professor whose academic career imploded when the university became aware he was having an affair with a 22-year-old undergraduate.”
  • Suggesting “Up All Night” is as good as dead, Will Arnett has signed to star in the new CBS/Greg Garcia comedy. The sitcom “centers on Jack (Arnett), a recently divorced guy whose life gets more complicated when his parents have marital problems of their own.”
  • “True Blood” actress Kristina Anapau is battling three other celebrities to snare $10,000 in a competition run by Verizon Wireless and Modern Luxury Hawaii. If she wins, Anapau will donate the money to Stand Up To Cancer. Vote for her here.
  • A new extended look at A&E’s “Bates Motel” series is online.

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