DeVito has a Triplets update


Despite all the talk, Danny DeVito says the sequel to “Twins”, currently titled “Triplets”, still isn’t a go project – and it won’t be, until they crack the script.

Currently touring Ireland, DeVito spoke to various outlets about the current status of the sequel, in which Eddie Murphy is attached to play the third sibling opposite the “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“All we need is the right script”, the actor tells Irish Times. “So far we haven’t quite come across that. But I think Universal are working on that.”

DeVito tells Bang Showbiz (via WENN) that the actors have met up to discuss the project – but hasn’t heard much about it since. ”Arnold and I have had dinner about it. We met with Eddie Murphy. That was actually before I went away and came here [to London] to do [stage musical] ‘Sunshine Boys’ [in March 2012]. That’s how long [ago] it was. Universal is very excited about doing it. It’s just a matter of finding the script that we like and a story that works. I’m, like, sitting on the sidelines waiting for [it]. I guess [director] Ivan [Reitman] might write it and produce it, so I don’t have much to do with it.”

As for his feelings on Eddie Murphy’s involvement, DeVito tells that it’s a splendid idea.

“Might as well do triplets and stick someone in there who is really funny… and black”, says the legendary actor/filmmaker.

Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon were the most recent writers reported to be working on the screenplay for “Triplets”.