”The Amazing Spider-Man 2” has found its Green Goblin.

Oscar winning actor Chris Cooper (‘Adaptation’, ‘American Beauty’) been cast in the role of Norman Osborn in the sequel to the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012)

The Hollywood Reporter says “It is unclear whether Cooper will make his villainous turn in this film or in a sequel. Osborn starts out as a mentor to the superhero before turning bad” Which makes sense.

Andrew Garfield (‘The Social Network’, ‘Never Let Me Go’) and Emma Stone (‘Gangster Squad’, ‘Easy A’) return reprise their roles as Peter and Gwen, and will be joined on screen by Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti playing Electro and the Rhino, respectively.

The sequel’s intricate web is set to appear on silver screens from May 2, 2014.