5 Top Screaming at the TV moments from The Walking Dead


Warning, if you have not watched this series, this article will contain spoilers.

Since I’ve taken over the position of features editor I have been living and breathing, let alone walking and talking, my new position. I can’t say the same of the folk I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with – erm, on TV.

Ten days ago I started – albeit belatedly; I’m a busy features editor!  – watching a television series, AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.  Laurie Holden, who plays the character ‘Andrea’ on the series, is the reason started watching.  She’s a fave. As a means of research into her character and performance, since Holden was scheduled to attend ‘Supanova Pop Culture Expo’ on the Gold Coast in April – which we’re covering for Moviehole, I thought I best take a look (Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, this appearance has been rescheduled.)  The result, however, is I have found myself quickly hooked on the show.  As someone who is a sucker for anything that is even remotely drama and thriller genre orientated (“Geordie Shore” need not apply), I knew from pretty much, well, the pilot ep that this was going to be the show for me.  I’m going to blame my rushing through of the series – it’s only taken me nine days to catch up on three seasons of this remarkable series, created by three time Oscar Nominee, Frank Darabont – on my addictive personality.

As the title suggests, ‘The Walking Dead’ is about zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Well.. okay, the plot is actually about the story of a group of individuals that are brought together to try and survive an ‘overrun by the walking dead’ world. Police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) leads this group of survivors. It is based on the series of graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman. Never read ’em. Should. For everything you need to know before you start watching the series, AMC has a website for those that are new to ‘The Walking Dead’ – like me – over here : http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead/new-to-show

Anywho, there are three things I have learned while watching ‘The Walking Dead’.  One, do not get too attached to characters because you never know who is going to be bitten by a Zombie, or ‘walker’ – as they’re non-affectionately nicknamed; two, do not get scratched/bitten by a ‘walker’ or you will become one yourself; and three, the best and only way to kill a ‘walker’ is to kill the brain (and at times, this is done in pretty much the most gruesome way possible!).

There have been so many key moments within the series where I have found myself screaming profanity at my television (What, you don’t do that?!) – and I’d like to share with you my top five ‘Screaming at the TV’ moments in ‘The Walking Dead’ (events are not in sequence):

5.         Andrea and Dale conversation at the CDC.

They thought they were safe when the group ultimately finds that the CDC is still (sort of) in operation. However, they learn quite quickly that this is not the case.  Andrea makes the decision to stay behind as the countdown to sanitisation happens. Dale decides to stay too. “If you’re staying, I stay too,” he tells her. “You don’t get to do that. Come into somebody’s life, make them care, and then just check out.”  It is very good character development, as Andrea thinks she ultimately has nothing left to live for after the death of her sister, Amy. The strength and determination from Dale, showing Andrea that she does have something to live for. Friendship, and hope.

4.         ‘The Governor’s’ Daughter is actually turned.

It appears that all is not well in Woodbury, the community that is run by ‘The Governor’, as he has a room full of Zombie heads in tanks that are still alive, and his daughter is chained up as to not hurt herself, or others. Come on. He puts a straight jacket on her and brushes her hair. ‘Daddy loves you’. Creepy.

3.         The group ‘clear’ the prison.

In the beginning of season three, set eight months later, watching just how quickly the group clear the prison yards and cells of walkers is awesome. Okay, so this was more a ‘How far they’ve come’ moment and was very cool to watch. The strength and determination of those who were such meek and mild characters is something that’s truly remarkable, especially the young Karl, who really steps up to the plate to protect the group. I can’t say I’d be the same in that situation.

2.         Shane ‘Turns’ without being bitten or scratched.

A crucial scene to the series is when Shane is shot by Rick, and immediately resurrects as a ‘walker’. The characters realise that you do not need to be bitten or scratched to ultimately turn into a zombie.

1.         ‘Walker’ Sophia emerges from the barn:

Sadly, when Sophia disappeared in the forest while being chased by ‘walkers’, she emerges from the firefight at Hershel’s barn as a ‘walker’.  (Even though you knew it was coming) It’s just something you did not want to believe could happen.

I’ll be back with more features, and stories, throughout the year – -a year that, I’m confident in saying, will be the best year of my life. It’s a dream right now. Thank you Moviehole!

‘The Walking Dead’ screens Sunday nights 9pm (8pm Central) on AMC USA, and FX Australia on Foxtel, Tuesdays 8.30pm (express from the US).

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