90210 axed


In what’s incontrovertibly a blow to hair gel manufacturers, but a win for the imperfect, frumpy and cashless senior (lets admit it, that’s most of us), The CW has opted to rid the airway of “90210”.

A reboot of the old ’90s series, the revamped “90210” snared strong ratings out of the gate, namely due to it’s ‘special guest appearances by the work-beseeching originals’, but lost viewership pretty quickly. Not even a Peach Pit (isn’t that what Lindsay Lohan calls her… never mind!) appearance hear and there could keep ’em coming back.

The Hollywood Reporter, reiterating the abysmal ratings, said the series closer will be broadcast in May.

Original pin-up Luke Perry is resting a little easier today; no more ‘missed call from The CW’ displayed on his cell.